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Orver Sea Ordering Guide

We can ship our original Nepenthes all over the World!!

How to Order

・You can use our Order sheet or just sent order list by email, Facebook or Twitter.

    our e-mail :

 Please find us by
       Face Book : Hiroshi Suzuki , Hiro's Pitcher Plants 
       Twitter       : @hiros_pp

Minimum order is $1000.00 for over sea.

・We could obtain CITES Permit and Phytosanitary Certificate.
 for CITES fee is $50.00
 for Phytosanitary Certificate fee is $100.00

 CITES Permit takes at least one month from application to acquisition.
 Depending on your country, you may possibly need to arrange an import permit. 
Phytosanitary Certificate 
  You must inform us if your country requires any special chemical treatment, 
    or additional declaration to the phytosanitary certificate. 

・We will ship by EMS for all over the world.
 shipping fee is depends on the weight and which country you want to ship.
 About $100.00 till $150.00


 You can pay by paypal whichi is easy to pay.
 if you pay by paypal we will charge paypal fee about 5percent of total amount.

 Our Paypal account is

Wire Transfer 
 you can Transfer to our Bank Account.
 We will let you know when you need this.

About us

Hiro's Pitcher plants, based in Yamanashi,Japan where are very high avobe see level area.
There is 900m high.
We are good at highland Nepenthes, and we use them for various hybridzation.
Now, we start to sell them to over sea.Enjoy our original uniqe hybrids.

Campany Name        : HIPS LLC.
Shop Name              : Hiro's Pitcher Plants
Representative Name : Hiroshi Suzuki
Address                    : 4856 Nishiide, Ooizumi-Cho, Hokuto-City, Yamanashi
Postal Code               : 409-1501
Country                     : Japan
Phone                       :+81-80-8043-6851

If you need farther infomation please feel free to contact us:
FB       : Click here
Twitter : @hiros-pp

食虫植物専門店 ヒーローズピッチャープランツ

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