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Terms of use for Heroes Pitcher Plants

Since the establishment of the business, Heroes Pitcher Plants has made it a goal to have customers enjoy gardening comfortably. And even now, we are doing business according to the management policy without forgetting our original intention, and we are convinced that better service will win the trust of our customers. Please see below for our policies. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Regarding delivery

How to use

Let's fill in the shipping terms. Enter the shipping method, packing details, shipping cost, etc. Concise and easy-to-understand explanations will earn your customers' trust and lead to future use!



        60サイズ   80サイズ   100,120サイズ  140,160サイズ

北海道・九州  1,080円    1,300円     1,500円     1,620円

本州・四国      750円      970円     1,200円     1,300円

沖縄       1,350円      1,880円    3,000円     4,100円


​ 【お届け日時について

本州 四国への発送であれば翌日配達が可能ですが、時間帯指定をされた場合には、


※ 九州 北海道 離島 のお客様は、極寒季の配送を植物によってはお受けできない場合がございます。






​   <取引先> 

    山梨中央銀行 高根支店 普通口座 168044 ゴウドウガイシャヒップス

    楽天銀行 第四営業支店(支店番号 254)口座番号 7120313 ゴウドウガイシャヒップス






This is the column to fill in the return conditions. It's a great place to tell customers what to do if they change their minds about their purchase or aren't satisfied with the product. By clarifying the return and exchange terms and conditions, you can build a relationship of trust between the shop and the buyer.

About returns

Regarding the handling of personal information at Heroes Pitcher Plants

We take your data seriously

This is a column to fill in the personal information protection policy. Clearly show that you are implementing measures to protect the personal information of customers used by the shop you open. Also, clearly indicate the payment methods that customers can use, such as credit card payment agency services, bank transfers, and cash on delivery, and let them know that they can make purchases safely and securely.

The personal information protection policy is an important item that is indispensable for opening a shop. Let's convey reliable information and increase the trust of the shop.

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